Hutchison Studio Image Collection


Hutchison Studio Image Collection


The database includes 690 photographs taken by Ralph Raymond Hutchison. Hutchison was raised on a farm near Endicott, Washington. As a professional photographer, he later operated studios in: Endicott, LaCrosse, Pullman, and Moscow Idaho. In the course of his work as the photographer for the WSU yearbook, the Chinook, he attended many campus events such as dances, parties, fraternity and sorority dances, banquets, and teas. The campus of Washington State University (including campus architecture, sporting events, campus activities, and administrators) is extensively documented, as is the city of Pullman and the surrounding Palouse communities. The collection records the changes on the campus of WSU and in rural communities between the 1920s and the 1950s. Agricultural photographs trace the shift from the use of horses in harvesting to modern combines. New technologies are also represented: the arrival of the first model T, the introduction of electric washers and dryers. Though many of the photographs depict the town and farms of the Palouse region of southeastern Washington and northern Idaho, neighboring geographic areas are also represented.


Alex Merrill (WSU)
Trevor Bond (WSU)
Henry’s Auto Show, 1911
First Car-Load of Cars shipped to Endicott.
Rhodes Harvester
Men stand on a horse drawn Rhodes Harvester.
Tunnels - Columbia Highway, 1933
A waterfall along the Columbia Highway.
City Hall - Pullman, 1933
Pullman City Hall and fire station.
Hutchison Studio Exterior - Pullman, 1936
The exterior of the Hutchison Studio (now Swilly's cafe).
River, Snake - Tramway, 1932
A tramway on the Snake River.
Jordan Family
The Jordan Families' portrait.
Print Shop - First Home of First National Bank
Print shop, later the home of the First National Bank.
Falls, Palouse
A waterfall in the Palouse River near the Whitman county line.
Hutchison Studio Exterior - Pullman, 1937
The exterior of the Hutchison Studio during winter.
Roosevelt, Eleanor March 26, 1938
Eleanor Roosevelt riding in an open car.
Baseball WSU vs. OSC (Team of ’90 Stunts between half)
A group of fans hold color coded cards to form a 'W' in the stands.
Meeker, Butch October 15, 1929
Butch Meeker and another man in football gear pose for a picture.
Log Train Through Pullman October 17, 1932
Cars stopped at a railroad crossing as a train of logs rolls through.
Hutchison Self Portrait 1936
A photo of Ralph Raymond Hutchison.
Cherry Blossom Festival, Lewiston May 20, 1931
A car wtih an endorsement in the Cherry Blossom Festival, Lewiston.
Palouse River Scenes
People enjoying the Palouse river.
Hay, WA 1910
Hay, Washington in 1910
Falls, Palouse April 24, 1932
A waterfall in the Palouse River near Whitman county line.
Power Plant February 2, 1938
Men working on a power plant.
Endicott - Train Derailed
A derailed train in Endicott, Washington.
Pullman Christian Church, 1933
Pullman Christian Church.
Falls, Palouse
A waterfall in the Palouse River near Whitman county line.
Bank, First National - Building Main Street April 7, 1938
The First National Bank building Main Stree Pullman.
Palouse River Scenes
Men fishing on the Palouse river while women watch.
Hutchison Picnic
The Hutchisons at play.
Hartley, Governor February 1, 1927
Governor Hartley giving a speech.
Shultz, Fred House
Fred Shultz's home.
Falls, Palouse April 24, 1932
A waterfall in the Palouse River near Whitman country line.