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Men work farm equipment in a field.
Farm equipment in a feild of wheat.
A man standing in front of a grove of trees.
Man standing to left of Malta Peach tree.
The LaFalette family posing for a picture in front of thier house.
A group of people pose for a picture in front if a grove of trees.
Men and women pose for a picture against a backdrop of rolling hills.
Men working at threshing grain.
A picture of a farmhouse and surrounding fields.
Machines work at picking some wheat fields.
A wide angle view of a farm.
A view of a farm and river.
A view of a ranch and river from hillside.
A view of a ranch and river from a hillside.
A view of a river from a hillside.
A view of a river from a hill.
Men standing on a platform looking out over the valley.
A group of men, women and children sitting in front of a grove of trees.
Thrasher and Header crew at T Duffs ranch in Whitman Co.
William Bailey holding tree limbs.
A pear tree against a gray sky.
A steamboat docked at the shore loading/unloading supplies.
Men stand around their packing shop.
A man packing peaches.
Born June 13, 1884 on Homestead- 9 miles west of Colton, Washington.
William Delbert Barkhuff with hand on tree. Trees in background.
Ara K. Barkhuff, wife of W.D. Barkhuff standing on steps of porch. Tree in background.
Man in suit and hat standing in front of building.
George Phelda Barkhuff poses in uniform.
Portrait of Alice Barkhuff with hands behind back. Graduate of WSC 1909.
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