William Delbert Barkhuff Image Collection


William Delbert Barkhuff Image Collection


The database includes 281 images, mostly photographs, taken by William Delbert Barkhuff during the 1890s. W. D. Barkhuff enrolled at Washington State University on the opening day in 1892 and was the first editor of the college paper, then called the College Record. He would normally have graduated with the first class, but he stayed out of school one year to earn money, and subsequently graduated with the Class of 1898. Mr. Barkhuff was born at Fayette, Iowa, June 10, 1873, and came west with his parents in 1875. They located at what was then Leitchville (since abandoned) seven miles west of Colton, Washington. After he graduated, he was an engineer with the Northern Pacific Railroad in establishing what was known as the Auburn Cut-off that made Seattle rather than Tacoma its terminus. Later he was City Engineer for Everett; construction engineer with the Union Pacific and the Spokane International for which he was in charge of constructing some 30 miles of railroad outside of Dawson City, Alaska; district engineer in Seattle; Superintendent of Streets and Sewers for Seattle; and finally (about 1921) City Engineer for Seattle under three different mayors. In 1930 he was killed in an automobile accident while on his way to Camano Island.


Alex Merrill (WSU)
Trevor Bond (WSU)
William Delbert Barkhuff, ca. 1892
A portrait of William Delbert Barkhuff.
Power Plant Building
Power Plant building during winter.
Engine Room ca. 1899
The engine room ca. 1899 with Matthew Sillman "engineer" in the foreground. The room was once located in the SE corner of the old Mechanical Engineering, WSU Building 22. A figure is visible exiting the arched entrance.…
Class Portrait, 1893
A class portrait with Barkhuff (the tallest man) standing in the back row.
W.A.C. Class of 1898
Group portrait of the W.A.C class of 1898. Barkhuff is seated in the middle row second to the right.
Engineering Class ca.1896
Engineering class with their surveying equipment in front of the Administration Building, later Thompson Hall.
Mechanical Hall
Inside Mechanical hall
Mechanical Laboratory Wood Room 1898
An interior view of students working with early power tools in the old Mechanical Engineering Building.
Looking from Campus on Pullman
A photograph looking west over Pullman.
Cave Family Residence Pullman
Cave family residence, Pullman. The Klemgard home at Reaney Park is the one with the union dome. Reaney Way St is at base of hill below Thompson Hall
Three Female Chemistry Students ca 1897
Three female chemistry students pose together in front of several shelves of glass vials.
General Wyler's Effigy Pullman 1898
General Wyler's effigy hanging in downtown Pullman during the Spanish American War
College Record Staff ca 1892
Students of the first College newspaper the Record sitting by building. Note: original print is faded.
Record Staff of 1893
A portrait of the staff of the college newspaper the Record. The photographer, Barkhuff, sits in the front row to the far right.
First Faculty of the W.A.C., 1892
First Faculty of the W.A.C. Note: the original print is faded.
Reaney Park
A crowd, tents, carriages and horses are all present at the base of College Hill, later turned into Reaney Park.
Cadet Corps, Artillery Co., ca 1897
Cadets in the Artillery Co standing at attention during a campus drill.
Surveying Instruments ca 1897
Surveying instruments near the front entrance to the recently completed Administration Building, later Thompson Hall.
Portrait of Barkhuff and Fellow Students ca 1894
In this group portrait, Barkhuff stands in the back row second to the left.
Cadets Beside Administration Building ca. 1897
A portrait of cadets taken in front of the recently completed Administration Building, later Thompson Hall.
Ferry Hall, November 23, 1897
A crowd gathered around Ferry Hall after a fire.
Cadets 1897
Cadets on field by Thompson Hall.
Professors of Math and Civil Engineering with Students
Professors of Math and Civil Engineering stand beside their students in front of the recently completed Administration Building, later Thompson Hall.
Baseball Player
A student in a Washington Agriculture College baseball uniform standing beside homes in Pullman.
Class Picnic
A class picnic on the grass.
Cadets and Officers, ca. 1895
A group of cadets and officers posed for their portrait at the base of the recently completed Administration Building, later Thompson Hall.
Gymnasts in Front of an American Flag
A portrait of a group of male gymnasts with an oversized American Flag as a backdrop
Class of 1900
Class of 1900 poses in front of Thompson Hall (Administration Building).
Gymnasts in Front of Flag
Two male gymnasts practice in front of an oversized American flag.
Group of Students Watching the Drill of Cadets, ca.1897
Group of students with some in uniform watching the drill of cadets on a bare hill.