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The items in this collection document student protests at Washington State University in 1969-1970. These items were used in the physical and online…

IllustratedLondonNews 1922-07-08 page 01.jpg

Contributors: Trevor Bond (WSU)


Collection of materials created by Robert McCoy's History 416 class (Fall 2015). This collection contains images and text on the Civil War and…


Materials associated with MASC's Common Read exhibit titled "Outrageous Hypotheses".

Self-Reliance, an Emerson Wordle

Contributors: Charlie Potter (WSU), Adam Heidebrink (WSU), Stacy Wittstock (WSU), Rachel Sanchez (WSU), Jennifer Kiehne (WSU), Augusta Rohrbach (WSU), Kellie Herson (WSU), David Tagnani (WSU), Aaron Moe (WSU)

Contributors: Trevor Bond (WSU)

The database includes 690 photographs taken by Ralph Raymond Hutchison. Hutchison was raised on a farm near Endicott, Washington. As a professional…

Contributors: Alex Merrill (WSU), Trevor Bond (WSU)


Materials related to Japanese American incarceration during World War II.

Contributors: Steven Bingo


These objects were gathered for an online presentation of a copy of Flora's Dictionary contained in the Cox Family Papers and Washington University…

Contributors: Cheryl Gunselman, Steven Bingo


HIST 497/597
Washington State University
Fall 2010
Professor: Jeff Sanders

Course Description and Goals

The Columbia Plateau is a…

Contributors: Trevor Bond (WSU)


This collection contains items used in a series of exhibits created by a section of History 418 in the Fall of 2016 about United States history from…

A collection of documents and photographs related to WSU's nuclear reactor, 1953-1970.

Contributors: Kearby Chess (WSU)

The database includes 281 images, mostly photographs, taken by William Delbert Barkhuff during the 1890s. W. D. Barkhuff enrolled at Washington State…

Contributors: Alex Merrill (WSU), Trevor Bond (WSU)