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Boeing B-17Es under construction. This is the first released wartime production photograph of Flying Fortress heavy bombers at one of the Boeing plants, at Seattle, Wash.

B-17B Flying Fortress McChord Field dedication ceremony and air show July 3, 1940.gif
With hangar 3 in the background, a new USAAF Boeing B-17B Flying Fortress starts its engines before flying in McChord Fields dedication Army Air Corps air demonstration. Forty RAF aircrew from No. 90 Squadron were trained at McChord Field from…

In russia its states that "Comrade Lenin will clean up the earth

Rockets similar to this R-7 rocket on display in Moscow were used to launch early Russian satellites into orbit, including Sputnik.

The bomb used on the Us at the end of the war

'The political hostility between the United States of America and the Soviet Union from 1945 to 1990 not only perpetuated enemy propaganda in both countries, but was also a power battle between both nations to sell their respective ideologies to the…

a propagranda poster from the US, published during the time of the cold war.

Capone DC.jpg
Al Capone died on January 25th, 1947 of a cardiac arrest, along with minor complications of syphilis and pneumonia.

Cubs Game.jpg
Al Capone called over Chicago Cubs star Gabby Hartnett at a charity baseball game in 1931 asking for the catcher's autograph

Capone Fingerprints.jpg
The coroner's office provided the Federal Bureau of Investigation with Al Capone's fingerprints following his death.

the sopranos.jpg
television poster

Japan on streets of Shanghai.jpg
Japanese soldiers march down the streets of Shanghai, China after their Occupation victory and round up of 350 prisoners of war.

This image shows an article published in a paper after the Dred Scot Decision in 1857. It is cropped where the newspaper title itself is not visible.

Magazine Cover
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President Harry S. Truman, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and Josef Stalin meet at Potsdam (near Berlin). The meeting was originally called the "Berlin Conference," the name was later changed to the "Potsdam…

Magazine cover

Movie Poster

One of a number of posters created by the Economic Cooperation Administration, an agency of the U.S. government, to sell the Marshall Plan in Europe. Includes versions of the flags of those Western European countries that received aid under the…

Political cartoon of a Chinese man seated outside Golden Gate of Liberty.

El Paso, Texas, 1927. U.S. Immigration Service Border Patrol inspectors in formation in front of the Border Patrol's first training facility in Camp Chigas.

orange county immigrant workers 1920s.jpg
Citrus workers at the Hewes ranch in Tustin in the 1920s. Click for larger version.

Woman points to anti-Japanese rhetoric sign outside of her California home in the 1920s.

mexicans being inspected for lice 1920s.jpg
Mexican immigrants being inspected for lice.

mexican migrant sugar beet pickers - one bedroom.jpeg
Mexican migrant sugar beet workers, living in a one room house in the 1920s.
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