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Mrs Mary B Fuller St Martinsville La

Dear Wife

Another day has come June the 15th 1863. I am not very well but not really sick, I slept tolerably well and this morning am up and have looked over part of my clothes to clean them of the Lice this will be daily labor for me so long as I am in a room that has light sufficient, yesterday I felt hope of better treatment revive, when I found myself transferred to a good room with light, but this morning I feel depressed as if something unpleasant was impending over me- I suppose it is the uncertainty of my fate and my ignorance why I am treated to close confinement when the other Confederate officers are allowed so much more liberty- if I am permitted I will record daily what happens to me, Oh if I only knew, what the reason is that I am so closely confined- I have never contemplated escape until [regularity?] released----2 P.M. at 11 Oclock this morning, an officer came into my room with an order for me to repair immediately to the Generals office which I did, after a few simple questions he gave the order for me to be quartered with the other officers- with the same fare- I am now in barracks with the rest it is a mere camp crowded & filthy the water is bad & rations barely enough to sustain life- I was sorry today to see the scanty allowance to our private soldiers