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[in margin:] To Mrs Mary B Fuller St Martinsville La

This Book was presented to Capt E W Fuller while he was a Prisoner of War in New Orleans La on the 18th of April 1863 by an Unknown Lady Friend

Mrs Mary B Fuller

Dear Wife you are aware of what happened to me up to the time I arrived in New Orleans. My left foot and ancle was badly injured by the explosion on the Queen of the West. My right arm was also fractured at the place where it was broken by a shot on the 14 of January.

Upon arrival in New Orleans I was taken to a hospital which was formerly the St James Hotel, this was on the 15th of April, I was well treated by the Doctors and Officers in charge except friends were not permitted to see me.

I remained in the hospital until the 20 of May being so much recovered that I could walk a little and my arm being in a fair way no longer kneeding the attention of a Surgeon, I was removed to the Custom House which was a military prison here I found Capt John Atkinson and two or three others whom I was acquainted with. I also found about 3 other