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officers that had been captured at different places. The next day after my arrival at that prison I was taken sick and was soon unable to sit up. I was very sick for two weeks high fever for eight days my skin became as yellow as an orange, or [brass?]. I do not know whether I had Yellow Fever or Jaundice. I had no doctor those I know not being in the City.

I was supplied with bed & bed clothes, a pair of pantaloons, some shirts & drawers by Mrs Brandt, Presidentess of the Ladies Society for the relief of needy Confederate prisoners of War. God bless [them & her?], had it not have been for their Charity, I should have suffered indeed, as I had only the clothes which I had on when blown up on The Queen of the West.

The prisoners confined with me were daily supplied with two good meals from the Brooks House kept by a Mr Brooks this was a donation by him, after being sick several days I received a note from Mrs Brooks accompanied by a nice bowl of Chicken Soup. She requested me to send to her for anything I kneeded, this kindness coupled with the name, iinduced me to direct the Servant a Smart Milatto fellow, to inquire of Mrs Brooks if she had any relations at Marietta Ohio, he replied to me that he had often heard them speak of [illegible] Harmer, the servant bore my message to Mr Brooks, who replied that he knew [you?] and all [about?] me that I must come and stay a few days with him and he would talk with