Fuller's Plea

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[E.W. Fuller's statement about the volume and the letters within]

In prison at Fort Delaware on the 14th of June A.D. 1863

This Dictionary was delivered to Capt Emelius W Fuller of the Confederate Army by Dr. Avery while detained as a prisoner of War in St James Hospital in New Orleans on or about the 19th of April 1863, the book was the gift of a lady. I find one fair name between the leaves but nothing more to indicate the donor. Mrs. A. I. French could hardly have thought how much company this book could be to me in a Solitary Confinement if ever liberated I will try & find her to return my thanks if not permitted to do this I beg of those who in future have this book to preserve it and transmit it to my wife Mary B Fuller at St. Martinsville Louisiana. With this leaf as a record of thanks to the kind hearted donor as well as my letters to my Wife.

Respectfully yours
E W Fuller Capt
Late commanding C S.
Gun Boat Queen of the
West & the J A Cotton

[a drawing of a Masonic insignia appears next to Fuller's signature]

E W Fullers Mark Cyrus Chapter No 12
Franklin Louisiana- also hails from Franklin Lodge
A.Y.M. No 57 Franklin, La.