World War I Era Models- Great Britain

H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth waterline model

H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth

The HMS Queen Elizabeth was the lead ship of its class of “super-dreadn0ughts.” This class of battleship can also be described as the first fast-battleship. Like previous battleships, the HMS Queen Elizabeth intensified the naval arms race by employing an array of larger guns, while possessing a speed of 24 knots, which made it faster than prior ships of its kind. Launched in October of 1913, the HMS Queen Elizabeth entered service with the Royal Navy in January of 1915. While still undergoing testing in the Mediterranean, the ship was sent to the Dardanelles to participate in the failed Allied attempt to knock the Ottoman Empire out of the war. The HMS Queen Elizabeth became the flagship of the Allied fleet but was withdrawn to safety after several Allied ships were sunk by mines and torpedoes. It then joined the rest of the British Grand Fleet at Scapa Flow naval base in the Orkney Islands. The HMS Queen Elizabeth missed the Battle of Jutland as it was undergoing maintenance at the time. After World War I the ship was